Together, we can change
the fate of animals
kept on farms

Who we are?

Open Cages was established in the UK in 2018 as part of an international initiative to change the world for animals. We are also a member of Anima International, a new coalition of European animal protection organisations focusing on farmed animals.

Our mission

We seek to help animals by documenting factory farm conditions, influencing retail standards and pushing for legal progress. We believe that these activities create systemic social change that will ultimately lead to animal freedom.

How do we work?

We document factory farming, mobilise the public, advocate to decision makers, improve conditions, and fight for change in Westminster.

We publish videos and photographs from factory farms both in the UK and around Europe

We use this footage to educate people, lobby for legal change and advocate for higher industrial standards

We publish reports, brochures and leaflets about factory farming

The key to making the right decisions is access to information about the conditions of factory farming, as well as to all available solutions.

We lobby for legislative change, improving the situation of farmed animals

We want the issue of animal protection to be taken seriously by the politicians.

We run information stalls

We like to be where people are — you can find us at universities, festivals and on the streets

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