Together, we can change
the fate of animals
kept on farms

Who we are?

Open Cages was founded in 2018. We are building a mass movement of dedicated activists all over Europe striving towards animal freedom.

Our mission

Through systemic and political progress we campaign to achieve fundamental change for the animals. Animals must be both free from harm and respected as sentient beings.

How do we work?

We document factory farming, mobilise the public, advocate to decision makers, improve conditions, and fight for change in Westminster.

We publish videos and photographs from Polish factory farms

We know that people are the most compassionate about issues from their closest environment. In every region there are factory farms that cause enormous suffering.

We keep tabs on farmers’ every move!

We conduct legal proceedings concerning animal abuse

A part of Open Cages’ activity is running an intervention group, which reacts to any reports of animal abuse on farms. Where possible, we notify the Prosecutor’s office of suspected criminal offence.

We publish reports, brochures and leaflets about factory farming

The key to making the right decisions is access to information about the conditions of factory farming, as well as to all available solutions.

We lobby for legislative change improving the situation of animal

We want the issue of animal protection to be taken seriously by the politicians.

We run information stalls

We like to be where people are — you can find us in schools, at big music festivals and in the streets.

We give advice on how to easily prepare plant-based meals

Plant-based cuisine is really tasty and healthy, and with a little practice it’s also pretty straightforward.

We convince restaurateurs to include more plant-based options

We want to make it easy for people giving up meat to eat outside of the home.

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