If I’ve learned anything in 2021, it’s a simple fact that campaigns always win in the end.

The powerful factory farming industries are the mountain before us. But we push our way up step by step with determination to defend the defenceless. 

Do you know how far we’ve climbed? Here’s 10 of our biggest achievements and highlights for animals in 2021.

Undercover investigation exposing Morrisons chicken.

We uncovered widespread cruelty and suffering behind Morrisons chicken in a damning exposé narrated by Chris Packham. The footage reached millions of screens on ITV News, BBC News, BBC Radio, in The Times, Daily Mirror and more major news platforms.`

Doug Maw leads protests nationwide

The Morrisons footage sparked protests nationwide led by ex-Morrisons employee Doug Maw. In a historic show of compassion, he lost his job to join the campaign and speak up for chickens. 

An alliance for chickens

We teamed up with Chris Packham and four animal protection charities to launch a petition calling on UK supermarkets to stop selling FrankenChickens. It has now surpassed 200,000 signatures!

Chris Packham speaks up for chickens on Sky News

Chris revealed our investigation images on an incredible Sky News interview, calling out the supermarkets for their lack of action on national TV. 

The BBC investigates FrankenChickens

The BBC showed our shocking investigation images on a TV programme about chicken welfare, highlighting the suffering these animals face and the supermarkets who have failed to act. 

Subway pledges to stop selling FrankenChickens

Subway made the pledge across all of Europe, after 1.5 years of campaigning from dozens of organisations. Their commitment will affect the lives of around 60 million animals.

M&S speeds up their transition away from FrankenChickens by four years

The retailer, who originally made the pledge for 2026, decided to stop selling these animals in 2022 instead, helping the millions of chickens who would have suffered every one of those years.

The UK Government says it will phase out FrankenChickens  

Just after the launch of Chris Packham’s petition, an insider told reporters that the Government plans to “phase out” the use of FrankenChickens through subsidies. It remains to be seen whether this will happen, but it’s a sign that decision makers with immense power are taking note. 

I called for animal welfare labelling reform in The Independent

Animal welfare labels are designed to deceive, not inform. We called on the Government to address these outrageous lack of rules immediately and help consumers make truly informed choices. 

Estonia bans fur farming 

With a landslide majority vote, this decision will save thousands of animals from suffering and put another dent in the fur industry! 

One million signatures for a #FurFreeBritain handed to Boris Johnson

A ban on the sale of fur is inevitable, let’s keep fighting for it and never give up on the innocent foxes and minks.

I have a confession: I wrote 11. There were just too many great highlights from the year showing the power we have as people to fight for animals.

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