Since the launch of the Ban Factory Farming campaign on June 8th, animal lovers around the UK have proved how they’re willing to take a stand against abuse.

And because of your collective generosity and empathy, Open Cages have managed to achieve record breaking landmarks for factory farmed animals.

Through the amazing gift of £12,000 from three dedicated donors, the initial launch of the campaign was already a huge accomplishment. However, such achievements did not stop there. Within the space of five days Open Cages raised £1000 in donations through our fundraiser. Since then we’ve reached the £3000 mark leading to a grand total of over £15,000! This is an incredible accomplishment and every single individual who donated is responsible for this feat. Your kindness will fund future investigations and demonstrations, allowing us to expose animal abuse on a greater scale. Greater change for farmed animals will be possible.

As well as the success of the fundraiser, the petition received an amazing number of signatures that surpassed any other petition launch. Within two days, 10,000 individuals signed their name to protect themselves and factory farmed animals against future pandemics. Since then the petition has soared to just under 25,000 signatures and each day more names are added. These actions are so important in rallying for legal change to ensure that the UK government bans factory farms. This is such a crucial move for the good of the animals and the general public and we will keep fighting until it’s achieved.

Amongst the fundraiser and petition victories, Open Cages have collaborated with Lucy Watson and Dr. Michael Greger. Both of these individuals have helped the campaign to reach wider audiences through their explanations of how dangerous and cruel factory farming is. This in turn has increased the number of signatures and donations, fuelling support for an end to this barbaric practise.

Open Cages also launched our second Bored Panda article, telling a story about a chicken named Victoria who escaped a factory farm and now lives happily at a sanctuary. It’s important to remember these tales of hope and what can be achieved if factory farming is banned in the future. Every animal deserves to live freely like Victoria and we’ll continue to fight until this is a reality.

Recently one of our amazing donors Kasia Wypy wrote an article about how to fight factory farming with donations and the effectiveness of donating to charity. Her hard work and generosity is truly a testament to what donating to charity can achieve. You can read her insightful post here.

We couldn’t be prouder of the positive reception this campaign has achieved. We’re thankful to every single person who has signed, donated or shared our campaign. Yet there is still so much more to accomplish. We must not let these successes slide, the momentum needs to continue.

Factory farmed animals across the UK are depending on us.

Thank you for your continued support. Please sign our petition and donate to our fundraiser or share with your family and friends.