Slow death in a gassing box, animals beaten to death with a metal rod, crushing the still breathing minks with the dead – days ago, shocking footage from a mink fur farm in Poland was published by Open Cages amidst calls for a British fur sales ban.

A mink suffocates inside a gassing box

The depravity of the fur industry never ceases to amaze me.

Our latest investigation was conducted late 2020 in collaboration the German organisation SOKO Tierschutz. Hidden cameras were installed at a mink farm in a small, unsuspecting Polish village.

For several days, we recorded the slaughter of mink – both inside and outside the gassing box. These are the first recordings of this type from Polish fur farms.

The videos show three people who carried out the slaughter with the gas box. They were found throwing the minks into the box violently. The animals suffocate, fighting for their lives until the last moment, until they finally die in agony. It still leaves me speechless.

Workers beat and kicked some of the survivors of the gassing

The animals who survived the gassing were hit with a metal rod or killed by being hit against a wooden joist. Another mink is killed by being kicked.

Animal cruelty is the norm on a fur farm. These poor minks were thrown around like trash, some are beaten, trampled – the only release from this terror is to suffocate inside a gas chamber. This is yet another investigation that shows the sheer scale of suffering of animals on legally operating fur farms.

With each day that Britain continues to allow the sale of fur, we remain complicit in the suffering of these animals.

With #FurFreeBritain partners Humane Society International UK, we are calling on the UK Government to ban the sale of fur post-Brexit. Despite banning fur farming decades ago due to what was viewed as its inherent cruelty, Britain continues to import millions of pounds worth of fur each year.

Thank you for not looking away from the cruelty. 

Because of people like you, the UK Government is closer than ever to banning the sale of fur. But you know, as a tireless advocate, that the work is not over. Millions more animals are awaiting brutal deaths on fur farms. They need you to act urgently and spare them from hell as soon as possible. Become a monthly donor TODAY.