We need you to take action!

Gucci, Michael Kors and Burberry are just some of the major fashion brands which have turned away from using fur in 2018. However Italian fashion brand Prada continues to flaunt the skins of countless innocent animals in its fashion collections.

Today it is impossible to deny the cruel reality of the fur industry, with countless undercover investigations showing the awful conditions and horrific deaths animals have to endure. Prada needs to understand that animal suffering is not fashionable.

Ferdynand The Fox was rescued from a fur farm by Open Cages and now lives happily on a sanctuary

We kicked off the UK chapter of this campaign by protesting outside Prada’s flagship store in London dressed as devils, with signs reading: ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ and ‘Prada: Drop Fur Now!’ Members of the public stood watching and reading as we stood in utter silence. We join a global campaign by hitting London: a fashion nerve centre.

The public supported this campaign, shocked that Prada still uses fur

Open Cages needs you to help put pressure on Prada to drop fur for good. We have launched a campaign against Prada’s use of fur, but it can only succeed if you take part.


To take action:

  • Call Prada on 020 7647 5000
  • Send a polite e-mail to Prada’s Chairman, Carlo.mazzi@prada.com
  • Leave a comment on Prada’s Facebook page

With your help we can persuade Prada to follow in the footsteps of other major fashion designers and cut their ties with the barbaric fur industry.

Originally written by Catherine Reda