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The collection of applications is now closed.

What do you gain by working in Open Cages?

  • Mission – you will help build a world free from animal suffering.
  • Time – you will be able to focus full time on animal advocacy.
  • Comfort – the work is almost totally remote.
  • Trust – you will settle your time and responsibilities yourself. 
  • Independence – you will experience freedom and autonomy in your decision making.
  • Transparency – you will have constant insight into the work and decisions of others.
  • Knowledge – you will receive support from people who have been fighting for animals for many years.
  • Opportunity to grow – you will learn every day and be encouraged to experiment beyond your skill set.
  • Fair pay – you will be paid the same as the CEO: a base salary of £22,000 per annum. Those living in a high-cost area such as London will also receive a premium in addition to their base salary.
  • Influencing the organisation – you will be part of building Open Cages to be the best organisation in the world on a full-time basis.

What does Open Cages gain from your work?

The person in this position will be crucial for the future of Open Cages, and thus our ability to protect animals. With this position you will help us to better manage our contacts with great people – donors. These are people who – in addition to activists – build Open Cages with us. Thanks to your work our donor base will grow, and they will know that their contribution to Open Cages really matters.

Thanks to your work in digital marketing we will reach new audiences and become more visible to the public. Using a data driven approach, you will help us critically measure the effectiveness of our efforts.

You will take part in building a strong activist culture based on freedom and responsibility. Your work with activists will be crucial in creating effective and autonomous teams within the organisation. At Open Cages, culture is not an afterthought: it is essential to our ability to have impact for animals.

What does it take to apply?

  • Fluency in English. Reading and writing.
  • High time flexibility. Ready to work custom hours to be available for non-employed activists.
  • Strong belief in the mission of Open Cages.
  • Being a respectful person. We expect all activists to treat others with decency and compassion.
  • No experience of leadership required. Your values and work ethic are most important to us.
  • Residency – or intent to live – in the UK. We will enthusiastically consider applicants from outside the UK who have an intention or interest to live permanently in the UK. Note that we cannot sponsor visas or provide financial or legal assistance for candidates in moving to the UK.

What will you do?

  • Donor management: you will help build and nurture our crucial community of supporters by working with newsletters, telefundraising, in person meetings, emails & more.
  • Marketing: you will work with both digital and print marketing, creating advertising campaigns.
  • Build culture: you will help build on and decide what it means to be an Open Cages activist.
  • Embrace data: you will work with Google Spreadsheets, Google Analytics, Google Optimiser and various software analysis tools.
  • Manage volunteers: you will manage and work with teams of voluntary activists.
  • Experience irritation: you will worry that we are not doing better and use this frustration to improve our organisation.
  • Question ideas: you will question common knowledge, especially your own ideas, so that our results are always as good as they can be.
  • Optimise your performance: you will continuously deepen your knowledge and enjoy this process, both about particular areas of animal advocacy but also how the world works.
  • Prioritise action even without sufficient data.
  • Abandon projects when it makes sense.
  • Respect and trust others to try and fail.
  • Search for information independently and verify it.
  • Make mistakes without being ashamed of them and with the desire to learn from them.

You will do a lot of things for the first time and realise that you are able to learn a lot.

What will help in the recruitment process?

  • Knowledge of / interest in psychology.
  • Knowledge of databases and spreadsheets.
  • Understanding of digital marketing.
  • A sense of aesthetics.
  • Interest in people.

IMPORTANT: We have prepared a dedicated list of materials to help in the recruitment process. It will be especially useful for people without the required skills or without experience in activism.
Click to view the list of resources.

Important information about our recruitment process

Overview of the process

We don’t require participants to send us a cover letter or CV. Our recruitment process in most of the stages is blind, anonymised and pseudonymised, by a party not participating in the candidates’ evaluations. We don’t host recruitment interviews, other than in the very last stage.

We put substantial effort into making sure we rate all applicants objectively. Our aim is to try to minimise cognitive biases, reduce application obstacles and make the recruitment process dignifying. We will be hosting webinars for those interested giving a glimpse into what the role is about, how we work, and helping combat performance anxiety.

After recruitment, we will try to provide feedback on our rationale and comment on stronger and weaker aspects of a candidate if rejected. Please note that the feedback feature may be limited by the number of participants due to limits in our resources.

Webinars for the interested

Not sure that you will apply but want to attend the webinars?
We will be sending links to people who filled the application and to people who are undecided.

You can let us know you want to attend webinars, by clicking and filling this form: get notified about webinars. Note: filling this form is not the not same as applying!). By signing up you will also get access to webinar recordings if you are not able to participate.

List and dates of planned webinars:

  • 4th of March at 6pm GMT – Anna Pierzchała, Anima International HR Manager – How do we conduct recruitment in Open Cages? Overview and backstage of our recruitment practices.
  • 8th of March 6pm GMT– Connor Jackson, Open Cages CEO – Open Cages: The Life of an Activist. A presentation about organizational life and the development role.
  • 17th of March 6pm GMT – Magdalena Łapińska, Anima International Marketing Manager – You’re not the perfect candidate for this job? Join the club! What to do when you want to change the world but doubt yourself. – overview of anxiety and negative thinking when looking or applying for a job.


  • 1st stage of recruitment – collecting applications (4 weeks),
  • 2nd stage of recruitment – questionnaire with questions (2-3 weeks),
  • 3rd stage of recruitment – task and knowledge questionnaire (2-3 weeks),
  • 4th stage of recruitment – structured interview (optionally) (1-1,5 week),
  • final results – beginning of May.

The collection of applications is now closed.

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