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To make a traditional bank transfer, make a donation to the following account:
81 2030 0045 1110 0000 0257 1960
Bank transfer name: donation
Stowarzyszenie Otwarte Klatki
ul. Grottgera 16/1
60-758 Poznań
IBAN: PL 81 2030 0045 1110 0000 0257 1960

We also accept donations in Bitcoin. Out BTC address is 1HJttVjitMAeJ2uLtAya1bgdtcXEwSdAqm.

If you are able to support our work with regular higher payments, we will be glad to arrange a meeting to acquaint you with our strategy and ideas for the next campaigns, which are waiting for those who are eager to invest in them. Contact us.

Change does not happen just like that. It is always someone that makes it happen. Do you want to be that person? — Rick Falkvinge

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