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Open Cages has been awarded Top Charity by Animal Charity Evaluators
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Amy Lawrence (activist & donor)

"I was inspired to donate monthly to Open Cages after seeing Maciek's story. Foxes are one of my favourite animals and none of them deserve to be caged and slaughtered for the sake of fashion. It feels great that I can help make a difference and give money to such a fantastic charity."

Swati Chauhan (activist & donor)

"I love animals and I can't see them suffering in cages. Open Cages are so passionate and committed to help make positive changes to animals’ lives: to give them a better, happier future. And I want to be part of that journey in as many ways as possible."

Max Harris (activist & donor)

"After having volunteered for Open Cages I got to see how donations have a real impact on helping the animals. The work Open Cages do in this area is vital."

Sara Jawad (activist & donor)

"I decided to donate to Open Cages because I believe this organization is focusing on topics that are misrepresented and need speaking about. I believe that the way Open Cages work on their campaigns has the power to change the world for animals."

Connor Cook (donor)

"I believe that all species on this planet should be respected because they are our planet. I was not afraid anymore, because you and your organization gave me hope."

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To make a traditional bank transfer, make a donation to the following account:
Account name: OPEN CAGES
Account number: 44181329
Sort code: 60-01-13
IBAN: GB69NWBK60011344181329

Change does not happen just like that. It is always someone that makes it happen. Do you want to be that person? — Rick Falkvinge

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