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The video the Co-op board doesn't want you to see

The video the Co-op board doesn't want you to see

“It costs to do the right thing - and you cannot always do the right thing at the right time” - Allan Leighton, Co-op Chair

Let's convince the Co-op board to do the right thing: put an end to Frankenchicken. You can sign our petition today and make your voice heard.

Letter to Co-op CEO Shirine Khoury-Haq

Dear Ms Khoury-Haq, Co-op CEO

At the Co-op AGM in Manchester on 20th May 2023 in response to Motion 12 (Animal Welfare) Co-op Chair Allan Leighton said “It costs to do the right thing…”

The Co-op, if nothing else, is about doing the right thing. As you know that’s why the organisation came into being.

The Co-op seems to accept that Motion 12 and ending the sale of fast growing ‘Frankenchickens’ is the right thing to do. I agree.

These birds grow so fast that a million of them die every week before even reaching the slaughterhouse. Their lives are full of pain and misery, and with 51 million chickens being sold by Co-op every year, your company’s lack of action on this issue is causing a great deal of unnecessary animal suffering.

Solutions exist. Hundreds of companies – including M&S, Waitrose and KFC – have pledged to use only slower growing chickens – animals who live much better lives.

31,226 Co-op members voted for this change – 96% of those voting. According to a YouGov poll, 78% of the British public don’t want to see farming practices that cause pain and suffering even as a means of providing affordable food.

I, along with your members, don’t think that ignoring the vote and the strong feelings that surround the subject is the Co-operative way and the Co-op I know and respect.

Your board has already said no to Motion 12.  I ask you and the board to please reconsider.

Acknowledge the strength of your member’s feelings and of the public and commit the Co-op to phasing out the sale of Frankenchickens over a timescale that works for the business.

Alleviating animal suffering on a huge scale by making the commitment would be a great achievement for a pioneer like the Co-op.

I am looking to you to help please.

Thank you

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