Chickens are suffering for Lidl

Deformities, heart attack, chemical burns... is Lidl OK with this?

The video Lidl doesn't want you to see

The video Lidl doesn't want you to see

Lidl allows some of the most cruel chicken farming practices available but refuses to give them up.

Lets convince Lidl to end these atrocities!



The short life of chickens raised for meat is full of unnecessary pain and suffering. Within 6 weeks, they gain weight so quickly that their bones cannot support the weight of their own muscles. Many of these animals are unable to move, walk, breathe or eat. Deformities, lameness, and chemical burns are routine. In fact, over 1 million chickens die each week in the UK as a result of these welfare issues.

Brits are sensitive to the fate of farmed animals, and therefore they expect that they shouldn’t suffer. This also applies to broiler chickens that are raised for meat. I expect you to ensure that LIDL takes decisive action to improve the lives of these animals:

  • Reduce stocking density allowance to 30kg maximum
  • Prohibit the use of fast growing breeds

If LIDL is serious about animal welfare and the quality of the food it supplies, it must commit to improving chicken farming conditions by signing the Better Chicken Commitment. Over 550 companies around the world (including the French branch of Lidl) have already decided to take this step.

I am demanding that LIDL takes concrete action to improve the welfare of chickens.

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