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Organise a benefit event

Organise an event to help animals

Organising an event or a benefit event is a great opportunity to promote an attitude of respect towards animals, while raising funds needed to act on behalf of animal well-being. With a bit of ingenuity, any place can be a good spot for an event. There are countless opportunities: schools, universities, coffee shops, day-rooms, restaurants or concert halls.


Help us show the true picture of animal breeding in Poland

If you ever witness an act of cruelty towards animals, do not ignore it. Try to document what you have seen and send us a video or photographs. The mission of our association is to present the true conditions of animal breeding on factory farms in Poland – this is the reason why we want to publish audiovisual records showing these kinds of places.

Eat with compassion

Reduce consumption of meat, eggs and milk

Being on a vegan diet, you can save around 30 animals annually. After ten years that would be 300. How many could you save for the rest of your life? Even if you are not vegan, by reducing consumption of meat, eggs and milk you will still save animals from suffering.

Visit web page of our campaign Veganism Now!, to find out how, in an easy way, you can introduce more plant-based meals into your diet.

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