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You too can change the fate of the animals
trapped in factory farms. Become an activist with us!

“I want to fight animal cruelty but I don’t know how.”

We haven’t worked it all out either, but we have some ideas. We also have years of experience, knowledge and the resources required to create large scale change for farmed animals. But we’re in need of the most precious resource: people.

Right now we’re looking for dedicated, obsessed, hard working activists like you to make this change happen.

“I want to do good effectively.”

So do we, let’s find out how together. At Open Cages we are laser focused on evidenced based interventions that create large scale, lasting, measurable change for animals. We owe it to animals to find out what works and we change our tactics when we’re wrong.

As people we value critical thinking, open discussion, self development and a culture of autonomy, respect and compassion for one another. And if you have better ideas, we’d love to hear them: we don’t pretend to have all the answers, that’s why we need more smart people like you.

“Can I make a difference in Open Cages?”

Yes. The team behind Open Cages is still small (one employee & a handful of volunteers), so the impact you can have by joining us as an activist is very large compared to many other organisations. Instead of feeling like you’re a drop in a vast ocean, you can help build the ship to sail it.

Are you full of ideas? Want to speak to journalists? Want to start a new campaign or project? Want to spend hours learning about animal rights side by side with like-minded advocates? Want to raise thousands of pounds for animals? Just want to use your skills for good?

If so, you’re the kind of person we want to hear from.

Email me at and you could start acting with us tomorrow. 

Tell us about yourself and why you want to join us. We’re waiting to hear from you!

Connor Jackson
CEO & Co-founder
Open Cages

How can you help us?


  • Street events, stands, handing out leaflets

  • Computer Graphics, DTP of brochures and leaflets

  • Fundraising, gathering money

  • Recording and editing films

  • Organising culinary events and screenings

  • Writing texts, keeping in touch with the media, PR

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