URGENT: Act now to help them

I regret having to show you this shocking footage, but it is so important that caring animal defenders such as yourself know the terrible reality of life for British chickens across the country. 

A farmer brutally killing a chicken by breaking its neck.

This harrowing video shows a British farmer violently killing a chicken who was too sick to be sold to a supermarket in the UK. No words can do justice to the terror felt by this being in its last moments: struggling for life, writhing in pain. I know how uncomfortable it is to see this, but we cannot let those responsible get away with this.

Another farmer mercilessly throwing a chicken across a barn.

Sadly, these devastating images are just the tip of the iceberg. Across the country, FrankenChickens are doomed to suffer a terrible fate. They are bred to reach slaughter weight in just 35 days, often resulting in severe inflammation and even lameness. Hundreds of them are violently culled every day. Those that survive spend their lives in cramped and filthy conditions, commonly leading to chemical burns to their skin. This is no way for any sentient being to live.

What makes this even worse is that time is running out to save these chickens. Major retailers across the UK such as Morrisons, Tesco, and Co-op are refusing to help these poor animals by ending the sale of FrankenChicken. Although over 200 companies across the UK and Europe have already committed to dropping FrankenChickens by 2026, including the likes of KFC, M&S and Nandos, these supermarkets are refusing to do what is right. Every year that they drag their feet and delay is another year where a billion chickens will suffer needlessly, which is why we need to act now.

This is why I am asking you to become an animal hero by joining the fight with regular support. This is a crucial point in the campaign, and your regular donation will ensure that we have the resources to stop the sale of Frankenchicken in the UK for good.

By joining the fight for animals, you will be able to fuel more undercover investigations, educating the public and changing attitudes around cheap chicken for the better.

Crucially, your support will also help us to directly pressure supermarkets to end these terrible practices. With more protests, media hits and larger social media campaigns, it will become harder and harder to ignore our movement for change.

This month, we are aiming to find 100 animal defenders to join us as monthly donors. It’s an ambitious target, but one that would give us the tools we need to finish the job. It won’t be easy, but together we can give these animals a fighting chance. Can they count on you, in their hour of need?

To join the fight to stop the sale of FrankenChicken, just follow the link here.