If you clicked on this blog post, you are probably deeply concerned about how animals are treated in our world. More importantly, you want to put an end to their incomprehensible suffering as soon as possible. While this quest may sometimes seem frustratingly difficult, there is good news – the movement to help animals has never been stronger and it urgently needs people like you!

How far we have come

First of all, let’s take a moment to appreciate how many animals on intensive farms you have already helped by taking the courage to speak up for them. By joining campaigns to ban the sale of fur, foie gras or stop the sale of FrankenChicken, animal defenders like you have shown their dedication to help the most animals possible by fighting one of the biggest sources of animal suffering – factory farming. For example, only because of your constant action, groups like Open Cages were able to help convince hundreds of businesses across UK and Europe to turn their back on cruelty such as FrankenChicken and foie gras. This will likely relieve millions of birds from inhumane practices and push others to soon follow suit.

Meanwhile, not only businesses but also the British government has taken note of the pressure, announcing to consider ending the sale of foie gras and fur, as well as possibly phasing out FrankenChicken. While legislative change usually takes time, it is another great example showing that we are closer than ever to witnessing tremendous change for animals thanks to unshaken efforts of dedicated people like you.

Thanks to supporters like you, neglected animals kept on factory farms have hope for a life free of suffering.

Without animal defenders like you using their voices, we would have also not been able to relentlessly expose the cruel reality of factory farming through powerful investigations. Over the last year alone, we have published several high profile investigations documenting the last days of FrankenChickens. We saw heartbreaking images of chickens collapsing under their own weight and suffering in pain on farms supplying major UK supermarkets. This footage reached millions of Brits through mainstream media outlets such as The Times, BBC NEWS and even Sky News presented by naturalist and author Chris Packham himself. Other notable examples include our foie gras investigation which was so shocking it helped shut down the Ukrainian foie gras industry. Even if the fight for animals is far from over – we can certainly be proud of all these incredible wins for animals we have achieved together so far.

Since uncovering the truth of chicken cruelty on Sky News, Chris Packham’s petition to end the sale of FrankenChicken has reached nearly 200,000 signatures.

What will the future hold for animals?

It is unbelievable how many dedicated animal defenders have joined us in making a difference for animals ever since the inception of Open Cages in the UK only three years ago. Despite being such a young community we have shown that our corporate, legislative and investigative work has had a major impact so far. Now, with many campaigns having reached critical milestones as businesses and governments are on the verge of major progress on animal welfare, it is of utmost importance to step up our efforts and keep the pressure on until the last animal is saved. 

Simply said, there is no time to fall behind now – but we can’t do it on our own. So far, all our work was possible thanks to voluntary activists, supporters and only one employee. The guarantee that this crucial work will continue and grow stronger in the future now entirely depends on people like you, who will step up for what is right.

As we all know that we won’t save all animals overnight, the most effective solution will be focusing on long-term plans of action. For that reason, the likely single best way to do so is to join the fight for animals on a monthly basis. Unlike single contributions, your regular support will ensure reliable long-lasting resources which will fuel impactful investigations and campaigns. You have the power to make sure more people will see the cruel truth of factory farms which retailers have been trying to cover up. You will pressure businesses and the Government to finally stop outdated practices after years of inaction. And most importantly, one day you will be part of the reason no animal will have to spend a single day in misery anymore.

You want to make a difference for animals most in need? Awesome! Join us and become a monthly member here.